Thursday, November 20, 2008

Red Letter Day

Red Letter Day!  Happy Birthday Peaches! 
Today is Peaches' Birthday!  She is 89, and looks much younger and dances like she is 20.  Happy Birthday, Mom!  Peaches was born in Oakdale, LA November 20, 1919.  She was born at home, and weighed only about 4 pounds, as she was very early.  Her grandmother stayed up all night keeping her warm, rocking her by the stove.  Some of the great memories we have of times past are the stories Mom used to make up to tell the grandchildren.  Lara remembers spending the night with Peaches and Pop, getting her bath, and Peaches would put lotion all over her little legs and arms and back and tummy!  The favorite story Lara remembers is about a fairy that lived in a pool.  Mom used to always tell about the little blue bird that fell out of a nest and how  (insert name)  picked it up and saved it.
From Mom's cooking beginnings with Spam, she became one of the best cooks I've ever known.  All of the brothers, sisters, grandchildren and friends will agree.  But, don't ask her for  a favorite recipe, it will have an ingredient left out.  Dad was always bringing home exotic groceries, and getting Mom to try something new.  He subscribed to Gourmet from the late forties until, well always, and seemed to have a new recipe for Mom every week.  Elaine, my sister-in-law, remembers Mom going to Clout's grocery store in Atlanta and bringing home all kinds of delicious things. Clout's was fabulous long before Central Market.  Carpeting and chandeliers.  Elaine also remembers how Mom would tell everyone that she couldn't give out her secret salad dressing. Mom finally confessed to her good friend, Myrtle Hanson, that it was Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing.  Aunt Dottie had given Mom some of the packets, and Peaches was able to keep her secret for about a year. In the early '60's Hidden Valley was just becoming popular in our part of the world.   Elaine also remembers Sundays were  family cookouts.  Dad loved his huge Texas size Weber grill.  One  of the things Elaine remembers that Dad loved to cook, was a leg of lamb, served with mint jelly, and pilaf,  and always a delicious salad.  Dad would buy bulgar  when he was in Atlanta, and Mom would make her pilaf with it.  Saute some onions in butter, add garlic,  stir in the bulgar, add broth, cover and simmer until done.  Test for seasonings.


Elaine said...

I am enjoying the blog so much...Glad you got "the rest of the story" about the salad dressing. Happy Birthday, Peaches! Love, Elaine

dottie said...

I was talking to Judy about your blog and she remembered when Papa would say, "I'll give a prize to the first one that leaves".

Nan said...

I have happily stumbled onto your blog while doing some genealogy research. My great grandfather, George Pollard, was Fannie (Pollard) Tanner's brother. I'm delighted to read so much about this family line from Fannie and Linn Tanner's family... I have photos of Linn, Fannie, Lura, and others, and I would be very happy to share. My grandmother was a first cousin to Lura. Would also love to get to know you and your family better. I haven't figured out our exact relationship yet, but I'm sure it ends with "cousin!" If you'd like to correspond, why don't you email me at I'm 61 and live in Seattle and have been fascinated by genealogy for about 3 years now, driven in part by my grandmother's large collection of family pictures which I now have. I will look forward to hearing from you and in the meantime will be enjoying your blog.