Monday, April 27, 2009

Cat Stories

Susie's cats have adjusted to life in Texas.  I think they may like it better than life in Italy. Ciccina and Ciccino have taken over the house, except when Mittens is stalking them.  Il Ciccini love sitting on the screen porch watching the birds and squirrles, and watching Mittens playing in the yard.   Ciccino loves to sit on the "cat perch", that we have to prop up because he is 14 pounds of love and needs a little support.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Peaches in Georgia

In March, Judy flew Mom to Georgia and then to Biloxi for a wonderful weekend at the Beau Rivage.  The Beau Rivage is now Mom's favorite place, but I think she will still go to Shreveport whenever she can.    Mom also spent several days being wined and dined in Monroe, visiting old friends, and the Georgia family.  

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Cliff!

Happy Birthday Cliff.  We celebrated Cliff's birthday twice.  Once 
with meat loaf, mash
ed potatoes, Texas cornbread, and pie, and then with Crawfish Cardinale!  Cliff received many fine gifts, but mainly love and kisses, and a sunset cruise.

Two Amazing Women

Last week we went 
to Alexandria, Louisiana to see Peaches' sister, Dottie.  We stayed with cousin Linnie, and family, which includes a very smart and friendly Bouvier. Some videos of Abbey doing tricks are posted on facebook and vimeo.  We had a wonderful trip, and as always delicious food.  Aunt Dottie sent her delicious Crawfish Cardinale back with us to celebrate Cliff's birthday.  We always have such a good time sharing recipes and talking about old times.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Florence, Italy 2009 part 3

             Mercato Centrale in the heart of Florence

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Florence, Italy 2009

For fourteen years, Susie has lived in the Tuscany region, the last year in Florence.  She had been thinking about moving home to Texas, and this was the year. The move was quite complicated because of many laws regarding her kitties.  The end of March, I flew over to 'help' her with her move. At the airport in Florence, we ended up with 4 luggage carts. The kitties, il Ciccino and la Ciccina, had to have special crates and lots of documentation.
We had a week in Florence and it was wonderful. Susie had lots of last minute things to take care of, and I tried to help by going to get breakfast, and, one time, lunch. The pastry bar was two blocks up and one block to the left. I had a note in Italian to give to the people at the counter. Each morning, I would give them the same note, asking for una sfoglia alla crema and get something we didn't ask for. I was told, by gesture and not getting what we wanted, they those pastries were out. So we always got something just as delicious. Then I would move down the counter and the barista would give me due cappuccini da portare via, which was also on the note. The man making the coffee was very nice, and I didn't have to talk too much. Just grazie. He would put the coffees on a small heavy cardboard tray, with two sugars, two spoons, and two napkins. Next, I would pay, and learned after a couple of trips, that it was going to be 3.90 euro each time. I had a hard time juggling Susie's umbrella, coffees, and pastries, but got the hang of it after a few tries. Some of the customers would talk to me in Italian, until they realized my vocabulary was only: ciao, grazie, arrivederci and a few other phrases.