Monday, April 27, 2009

Cat Stories

Susie's cats have adjusted to life in Texas.  I think they may like it better than life in Italy. Ciccina and Ciccino have taken over the house, except when Mittens is stalking them.  Il Ciccini love sitting on the screen porch watching the birds and squirrles, and watching Mittens playing in the yard.   Ciccino loves to sit on the "cat perch", that we have to prop up because he is 14 pounds of love and needs a little support.


Nan said...

These pictures are great and imagining life in your house with the cats is quite amusing. Ha ha... I all of the sudden got this thought that maybe THEY are amused, as well. You know how cats are. They do tolerate us humans, but they have that superior air and appear to think we are silly at times. At any rate, sounds like you are really enjoying them!

annieb said...

I bet they are amused. They look at me as if to say " Why are you taking my picture? Can't I just nap in peace." They are really sweet cats, and my little Mittens isn't really sure about sharing, yet. It's so funny to see them watching Mittens and Mittens watching them. I can see Mittens or one of Susie's cats saying "hmmmm, I can do that ...."