Friday, March 20, 2009


Sitting around Dotsy's dinning room table the other night, we were talking about our grade school teachers, and we started talking about how Dotsy got her name.    In the third or fourth grade, Dottie Oakes and Dottie Cleaton were always getting mixed up, apparently distressing the teacher.  So, one afternoon after school, Peaches and Dottie sat down and talked about it.  Peaches came up with Dotsy instead of Dottie!  And, she has been Dotsy ever since.  We think it was in the third grade because Dotsy had Miss Evelyn Summers for her teacher.  Miss Summers was very mean, and Mrs. Hines, the fourth grade teacher  was very sweet.  I know Mrs. Hines was sweet, because I had her in the fourth grade, my first teacher in Monroe.  We also talked about our fifth grade teacher, Miss Mary Miller.  She was absolutely the most hated teacher in the Walton County School system.  I don't think we have ever had a meaner teacher.
Another teacher we liked was Miss Nancy Stephens, our sophomore year algebra teacher.  She was very nice and if it weren't for her, I would still be in high school.  Another teacher that was very kind was Annette Braswell, the home ec teacher.  Mom and Ms. Braswell were good friends, as Mom was teaching P.E. at the high school then.  I think Ms. Braswell took pity on me and gave me a passing grade even though the  bathrobe I 'sewed' , as a required project, hardly resembled a bathrobe.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Edith Blanche

This last week or so, I discovered that my Aunt Sunny's real name is Edith Blanche!  Cousin Nan has done some wonderful work on her family tree, which includes the Tanners.  Nanny was a Tanner and when looking at Nancy's family tree, I told her that Sunny's name was not Edith, we had always called her Sunny, and, her middle name was Blanchard.  After having Nancy correct Edith to Sunny, it turns out that Sunny's name was Edith Blanche, not Sunshine Blanchard.    The source I should have used in the first place was Aunt Dottie.  The Bible Mom has, that was Nanny's, was given to Nanny by Papaw in 1956. two years before Nanny died.  In it, Nanny writes about "Sunshine" Blanchard.  Aunt Dottie says that Sunny hated the name Edith Blanche and changed it to Sunny Blanchard.  Once again, a big thank you to Nancy!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bible Verses from Cousin Nan

Nancy sent two of her favorite Bible verses.  The first is from Proverbs 3:5-6  "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your paths."  The second verse is from Romans 8:28  "And we know that all things work together for good to them who love God and are called according to his purpose."  It is so wonderful to have the verses from our friends and family.  
When we were very little living in Atlanta, we went to the Presbyterian Church on Ponce de Leon Avenue.  Dad and Mom left the Presbyterian church after his Mother died, and joined the Druid Hills Baptist Church, also, on Ponce de Leon.  Mom was brought up Baptist and this was a wonderful move for all of us.  Both Mom and Dad said they never felt the fellowship in the Presbyterian Church that they did in the Baptist Church.  I remember Dad being 'baptized' after we joined.  The preacher gave him a good dunking.  It was many years later that I found out how the preachers kept dry: wading boots!
Dad always said that all of his friends from high school were attending First Baptist.  They gave him a huge welcome, and made us feel right at home.  Dr. Louie Newton baptized us.  Dr. Newton was a wonderful preacher, and was at the church for 40 years. After all these years, I still remember Dr. Newton, and how beautiful the Church was.
Dr. Newton was prominent in the Southern Baptist Convention for a long time.  There is an article on him at 

Monday, March 9, 2009

Daphne odora

Daphne odora was another flower that Dad grew.  Both Dotsy and I have tried to grow it here in Texas, but without much success.  Daphne odora is one of the sweetest smelling plants around.  It is better than a gardenia.  Papa also would cut some of the tiny flowers for us on Sundays, to pin on our dresses.

International Women's Day

 International Women's Day is March 8.  Usually, Dotsy, Barbara, Lori, Peaches, and I go to Winnsboro to Lou Vinery to celebrate.  This year our favorite place is closed.    It was a very congenial place, and close by. 
The first time I heard about International Women's Day,  was from daughter Susie.  In Italy, where she has lived for a long time, it is very much a holiday, not official, but celebrated with girl friends going out for dinner, or just getting together.  Over the years, here in Scroggins, we have tried different things on March 8, such as collecting canned goods for the food pantry in Pittsburg, or money for a children's advocacy group.