Friday, March 20, 2009


Sitting around Dotsy's dinning room table the other night, we were talking about our grade school teachers, and we started talking about how Dotsy got her name.    In the third or fourth grade, Dottie Oakes and Dottie Cleaton were always getting mixed up, apparently distressing the teacher.  So, one afternoon after school, Peaches and Dottie sat down and talked about it.  Peaches came up with Dotsy instead of Dottie!  And, she has been Dotsy ever since.  We think it was in the third grade because Dotsy had Miss Evelyn Summers for her teacher.  Miss Summers was very mean, and Mrs. Hines, the fourth grade teacher  was very sweet.  I know Mrs. Hines was sweet, because I had her in the fourth grade, my first teacher in Monroe.  We also talked about our fifth grade teacher, Miss Mary Miller.  She was absolutely the most hated teacher in the Walton County School system.  I don't think we have ever had a meaner teacher.
Another teacher we liked was Miss Nancy Stephens, our sophomore year algebra teacher.  She was very nice and if it weren't for her, I would still be in high school.  Another teacher that was very kind was Annette Braswell, the home ec teacher.  Mom and Ms. Braswell were good friends, as Mom was teaching P.E. at the high school then.  I think Ms. Braswell took pity on me and gave me a passing grade even though the  bathrobe I 'sewed' , as a required project, hardly resembled a bathrobe.


Barbara said...

I had no idea that was how Dotsy got her name! I have always loved it and thought it was so original. Boy do I agree on Miss Miller. She would go smoke and leave Miriam or Linda Young in charge. Made us love them! I gotta disagree on Miss Summers though. I loved her. Maybe because we were both Methodist and y'all were Baptist!

Barbara said...

Forgot to say how much I loved Miss Braswell. She talked me into majoring in home ec in college- I was never cut out for that, but she was the best!

annieb said...

I had always heard that Miss Summers was sweet, but since I didn't have her, I'll remain neutral. Miss Miller was a piece of work. Didn't she live in those apartments on the corner near Williams Street? I think there were 3 apartments in a single story, red brick building. It's it funny about Dotsy's name? I never knew that Mom dreamed it up because of the confusion with the Dotties... Didn't Miss Braswell lived in a big house near the fairgrounds, I think. She lived there for a long time, then moved away???