Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Edith Blanche

This last week or so, I discovered that my Aunt Sunny's real name is Edith Blanche!  Cousin Nan has done some wonderful work on her family tree, which includes the Tanners.  Nanny was a Tanner and when looking at Nancy's family tree, I told her that Sunny's name was not Edith, we had always called her Sunny, and, her middle name was Blanchard.  After having Nancy correct Edith to Sunny, it turns out that Sunny's name was Edith Blanche, not Sunshine Blanchard.    The source I should have used in the first place was Aunt Dottie.  The Bible Mom has, that was Nanny's, was given to Nanny by Papaw in 1956. two years before Nanny died.  In it, Nanny writes about "Sunshine" Blanchard.  Aunt Dottie says that Sunny hated the name Edith Blanche and changed it to Sunny Blanchard.  Once again, a big thank you to Nancy!


Nan said...

Ah, the joys of genealogy! I love it that we are all working on this together and finding things we never knew. It's the oddest experience to have photos in your boxes and file cabinets of people you never knew, with names you don't recognize...then, lo and behold, you're in your 60's and you meet Tanner descendants and find out you are cousins! Amazing.

annieb said...

Isn't it facinating? It seems like every day I'm finding out something new.