Sunday, November 9, 2008

Making pizza dough

Today, I'm going to make my second batch of pizza dough and freeze it for Peaches' and Troy's birthday party next Saturday.  Dotsy and Peaches are coming over to help.  We all love to cook, and I know that is because our parents loved to cook.   Mom always, it seemed, served liver cooked with onions and bacon once a week, and fish once a week.  We actually loved the liver!  Fish would be a whole red snapper baked in the oven with bacon, or maybe a whole flounder.  We also had to have at least two vegetables.  When we had bread, it was always cornbread or rolls.  Mom did not learn to cook at home because they had someone who cooked for them, Stella.  Aunt Dottie gave Mom her first recipe as she was on the train leaving for Atlanta.
  We loved visiting our grandparents, Stella, Nannie's cook, always was cooking something good, and, the telephone was a mystery because when you picked up the receiver, the operator came on and placed the call.  I believe that if you said "I want to talk to Betty"  she would know exactly who you meant. When we lived in Atlanta, our phone number was EVergreen 9-3901, I think! This of course was before area codes and zip codes.  We lived at 1360 Fairview Road, NE.  My dog tag has name, address, birth date, and a P for Protestant.  This was at a time when we practiced 'duck and cover' in case of an atomic bomb attack.  When we lived here in the '50's, the house had a beautiful Italian tile roof.  There was a garage in the back, and a small two room house also. The porte-cochere led to a beautiful back yard with a rose garden and large spaces for all of our playground equipment.  We had monkey bars,  jungle gym, slide, swings, a climbing pole, and of course a sand box.  Dad was able to get the same equipment that schools had, so all of it was very sturdy.  I wonder if it is still there.


Barbara Collins said...

Oh, Ann. I had a yucky day and reading your blogs really picked me up! I loved seeing pictures of Millie and CW and hearing about all of your lives. Keep it up and thank you!

annieb said...

oh, Barbara, I'm so sorry about your day, I hope today is better. thank you for the kind comments. . I was so hoping that I could lift up our spirits by writing about the sweet and good things. thank you thank you for the encouragement.

Bryan, Lara, and Ella said...

Dad and I went to y'alls house in Atlanta when we went to Emory back in June/July. We got out and he of course knocked on the front door and was hoping whoever lived there would let us in so he could see the house. No one was home but there were voo-doo dolls all over the porch!!!!