Monday, November 3, 2008


Today Peaches, Dotsy and I zested lemons for the limoncello we are making. It was a beautiful fall day, so we sat on the screen porch with Buddy. When Mom was growing up, she says she learned to drive a Model T Ford when she was 12, and went to LSU when she was 15. There she pledged KD. In Louisiana, there were only 3 years of high school at the time. After her first year, she transferred to Lafayette to attend Southwestern Louisiana Institute, now known as University of Louisiana at Lafayette. That is where she met my Dad. At the time he was known as Curry Comb, because of his thick curly hair. Dad was on a football scholarship, when they met.

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Bryan, Lara, and Ella said...

I love you sharing stories of Peaches...I have heard some of them but now that I am older, the importance of them just hits home more!