Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hair Day!

Thursday Mom's Hair Day.  Every Thursday, and that is also our day for the grocery store and other errands. For as long as I can remember she has gone to the beauty parlor once a week.   It usually is $10.00, but recently went up to $12.00.  Today, our friend Gloria was also having her hair done, and is going to show me how to do a yarn over next week! When we lived in Atlanta on Fairview Road, I can remember going with Mom to Kurt's.  I remember he was on a side street somewhere in Atlanta, and then moved to Peachtree St. across from Brookwood Station.  There was a wonderful deli next door.  the best pastrami sandwiches.  When we moved to Monroe in 1954, Mom still made the trek to Kurt's but not every week.  Hwy 78 was being widened into a 4 lane and it took forever to get to Atlanta.  Kurt eventually moved across Peachtree  and down a block, and Mom probably went to him until the late 80's.???  
Today my sister Judy is having eye surgery. All of us are wishing her well and a speedy recovery. She will have to be very careful for the next month, lie face down and not move around.  Maybe she will start a blog while she is recuperating! Someone told me that she had an 'immaculate hole', but it is really a macular hole.  Ah, the scrambler.

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