Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Birthday, Catherine

Today is Catherine's birthday! Happy Birthday!!!  Catherine was born in 1971, at St. Mary's Hospital in Oak Park, Illinois.  She was the most beautiful baby in the nursery.  Peaches was there, and so was Catherine's other grandmother: Catherine O'Shaughnessy Herbstritt.  Peaches and Grandma Kay were both claiming that Catherine looked like their side of the family.   The nurses used Catherine as the 'demo' baby to show new mothers how to bath and dress their newborns.  
Peaches was very busy in 1971.  She had four grandchildren born that year.  OB's youngest son was born in January, Catherine in February, Tim in August, and Parrish in September.   Catherine and Tim were born in Illinois, and the rest were Georgia babies.  
February is also a month filled with other family birthdays:  Lara on the 1st,  Lea on the 12th, and, Lauren on the 18th.  Happy Birthday to all.

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