Friday, June 12, 2009


Cliff grew up in Port Washington, Wisconsin on Lake Michigan. This is a picture of Cliff getting ready for his first communion.
This is a picture of Cliff's Mother's family. Hans and Mary Glieber immigrated to America from Austria sometime in the early 1900's and settled in Milwaukee where they owned a restaurant. Later, the Gliebers moved to Port Washington, where their children were born. This picture is of Hans and Mary Glieber and their children. Leona, Cliff's Mom, has a twin sister Loretta and they are in the center, second row. Marian is the baby, Annie is on the left next to Hans, and Eleanor on the right. There was a brother Frank who died when he was 12.
This is a picture of Leona and Loretta's first communion, taken about 1925. Cliff' mom, Leona, grew up in Port, married there, and her three sons were born there. Later, the family moved to Knellsville, just outside of Port Washington.

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