Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Harry Arnold

Today, Mom and I drove down to Tyler to shop and go to Sam's.  Mostly Sam's.  On the way, I asked her if everyone called Harry Arnold, Sr.,  Puss or just she and Dad.  Mom said that our cousin, Judge Frank Holden, had been in WWI with Mr. Arnold, and that's what Frank called Mr. A.  What a small world.  Frank was a Federal Judge in Atlanta, and lived in the Buckhead area, I believe. It was a beautiful, beautiful neighboorhood.  Frank and his wife Grace would visit us in Monroe every so often, and Frank would line us up and say  "whose turn is it for a silver dollar".  Dad saved them for us, and I  still have one.  Papa would punch a hole in them and put a wire through the hole.  I guess he would attach our names to the wire.  We always loved to see Frank and Grace.  Frank, Jr. had a camp just north of Atlanta, and one summer, Dotsy went to camp there and mostly worked in the stables taking care of the horses.  Frank was a cousin on Dad's Mother's side,  Nona Corry Oakes . Nona was born in Siloam, GA in 1887, and died in Atlanta in 1947.  Her father was Eugene Reid Corry.
Frank was born in Crawfordville, GA, 1894, died Atlanta, in 1975.  He was married to Grace Pope of West Palm Beach, FL.  There is a small book of WWI that Frank wrote, called War Memories, published in 1922.  This book has been digitized by Google Books.  Search for War Memories by Frank A. Holden.   Frank graduated from the University of Georgia and was a member of  Phi Delta Theta.  He practiced law in Athens with his father.  Frank's father, Horace Moore Holden, was also a judge on the Federal bench in Atlanta. Frank's mother was Mary Emma Corry, half sister to Eugene Reid Corry.  Their father was William Alexander Corry.   Mary Emma's mother, William's second wife, was Mary Matilda Stephens Reid...  I was always puzzled by the relationships, but with the help of a wonderful book, Willian Corry and His Descendants by Mildred Seab Ezell, I've been able to piece this together.                                                                                                                                                                                          


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Clarke-Taliaferro County GaArchives Biographies.....Holden, Frank A. 1894 - living in 1923
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Frank Alexander Holden was born at Crawfordville, Taliaferro County, Georgia,
February 24, 1894. He received his early schooling at Stephens High School,
Crawfordville, Ga.

Mr. Holden entered the Georgia Military Academy at College Park, Ga., in the
fall of 1907 and graduated there in the spring of 1910. He entered the
University of Georgia in the fall of 1910 and graduated with A.B. degree in 1914
and with B. L. degree in 1916. He was a member of the Phi Delta fraternity,
president of Phi Kappa Literary Society, editor-in-chief of the college weekly
(Red and Black), business manager of the 1916 Pandora and for four years played
third base on the varsity baseball team. In the fall of 1916 Mr. Holden began
the practice of law with his father at Athens, Georgia, under the firm name of
Horace and Frank Holden. He volunteered in the First Officers Training Camp at
Fort McPerson, Georgia, May 11, 1917, after the United States declared war
against Germany, and was commissioned Second Lieutenant and was assigned to the
82nd Division at Atlanta. He served overseas with the 328th Infantry (82nd

Mr. Holden has taken an active part in the American Legion since its
beginning and has held the office of Post Commander of the Allen R. Fleming,
Jr., Post at Athens, Ga., and National Executive Committeeman-elect from the
state of Georgia, which last position he resigned when elected to represent his
county in the legislature. In 1922 he was elected as one of Clarke County's two
representatives in the state legislature.

Mr. Holden is author of a book, "War Memories," which was published in the
fall of 1922. In this book he gives an account of his experiences in the World
War. It is intensely interesting and has received high praise from many sources.

Mr. Holden is the son of Judge Horace M. Holden and Mary Corry Holden. His
father served as Judge of the Northern Circuit and Justice of the Supreme Court
of Georgia. His mother, before her marriage was Miss Mary Corry, great-niece of
Alexander H. Stephens, Vice-President of the Confederacy.

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Broadwaysmile said...

Talk about a small world, after doing some research, iI found a 1920 Census and my great grandmother worked for the Horace Holden family!